May 12th, saturday, 3 - 4pm

pantomime for children with Mazen Muna

Did you ever think how to welcome someone without words? How about using Mime and our bodies to express? For these questions, children age 5+ will get together with the Syrian Pantomime artist Mazen Muna to his Workshop on Saturday, 12.5.2018, at 15:00

The goal of the workshop is the imagination and creativity of children as well to promote group dynamic processes, body language and expressiveness and allows exciting insights into the world of pantomime.

Kids like to play and they have always more fantasies than the adults. They act already many different roles and this is pantomime itself!

Pantomime is the art of mime which depends on the inspiration through the body. All peoples of all ages, nationalities, and cultures can understand this art because it is an international language.

It is a great humanistic art expresses many things maybe unable to talk about.

Please bring comfortable clothes and socks.

Age group: 5+
Workshop fee: 35€/child

photo credit by: Lukas Maximilian Hüller

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