with carina hausknecht

art therapist (blatt und pinsel)


In our art&mindfulness studio we put our experiences, feelings, wishes and much more into clay, drawings or paintings to create personal, unique pieces of art. The relaxing studio time is a break from the busy rush of everyday life. With each piece of work you'll find to more quietness and you will get to know yourself a little more.
With you you'll take your selfmade, well crafted piece of art as well as some new specific techniques as a sideline.
The classes will be held and attended by art therapist and ceramicist Carina Hausknecht. Spoken is german and english.

OPEN STUDIO – booking in advance is not necessary as long we have space! Just drop in!
Please bring clothes with you which can get stained with paint, clay, glaze etc as this allows a productive time in the open space of our studio. ;)



Im art+mindfulness studio arbeiten wir Erlebtes, Gefühle, Wünsche uvm in Ton oder in 

Zeichnungen/Malereien ein und gestalten daraus wunderbare, ganz persönliche Objekte. 

Man kommt in dieser Zeit zum Ausatmen und zu mit jeden (Werk-)Stück mehr weiter zu sich selbst. 

Mit nach Hause nimmt man neben einer kleinen Auszeit in entspannter Atelier-Atmosphäre auch 

künstlerischen Techniken, sowie ein ganz persönliches, künstlerisch/kunsthandwerklich fundiertes 


Begleitet werden die Einheiten von der Dipl. Kunsttherapeutin und Keramikerin Carina Hausknecht. 

Gesprochen wird deutsch und englisch.


5th of march

2nd of april

30th of april

14th of may

4th of june

11th of june


adults :       18:30-20:30

fee:  single class:   35€

        4 sessions:    120€

        8 sessions:    200€




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17:00 - 18:00

children ceramic class


18:30 - 20:30

adults ceramic class                     




10:00- 12:00 morning coffee&clay with Ellen Levenhagen


17:00 - 18:00

children ceramic class


18:30 - 20:30

adults ceramic class


Adventure Saturdays with Thom 




(January on)

with art teacher Julianne Luzynski


14:00 - 15:00

children ceramic class



adults ceramic class  







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 *commonroom is the practical platform of odaada that focuses on ceramics.



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