14 April Saturday, 11:00-16:00

Eco Print Workshops by Beste Bonnard

We are very happy to announce our upcoming Eco-print workshops by a very inspiring artist Beste Bonnard.

Eco-print is a natural dye technique where the colour of the leaf is directly printed onto the fabric. 

In this workshop you will learn about fabrics, equipments, plants, mordants, processes and bundling techniques that create artful fabrics.

We will explore different techniques to work with protein and cellulose fabrics and how to mordant them and which leaf to choose for the best results. 

In ecoprint nature releases such beautiful colors onto fabrics. Entire process is a sustainable and renewable art form. Also collecting leaves on a beautiful day, printing them onto silk and, in the end, creating a beautiful, unique surprise from Nature is a wonderful experience.  

In Ecoprint workshops Everyone is Equal in experience, creativity and artistic ability. All the participants learn to initially work the same way with the same methods and will be able to create wonderfull prints and results. 

Eco printmakers work in slow rhythm with the seasons, using materials they grow, find, share or responsibly forage. Sustainable use of natural resources demands responsibility, responsibility generates respect for nature, and respect for nature is a basis for sustainable use. Humans can use natural resources to meet their needs without destroying those resources.

A print may seem finished as soon as the bundle is opened, or it may become the first stage in an art journey. But also the bundle is an endless oppurnuity to transform in many art forms such as wall art, sculpture, artist books, garments, or textiles etc.


Eco printing links contemporary fiber art, not only to respect for natural environments, but also to the recovery of lost dye- and plant-knowledge, and to an appreciation for handwork carried out from the heart.

Workshop fee: 90€/person
Duration: 11:00 - 16:00
Please register by e-mailing common@commonroom.at

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