commonroom is a space to create, where we meet and learn from each other and share our passion for ceramics, arts and design.


We like to see our studio as a "creative hub", where people gather around creativity and share their know-how with each-other!


At commonroom there are many activities for all ages!


ceramic workshops for children. Mondays with wild plants studio, kids learn ceramics and plants.


 ceramic classes for grown-ups. this term we will have on Mondays ceramics for adults for beginners 6 week + advanced 6 weeks. Wednesdays in the mornings we come together for coffee&clay and our open studio is going on in the evenings that you can join any wednesday you want. ceramic saturdays are usually the first saturdays of the month we discover various themes and techniques with our amazing teacher julianne for kids and grown-ups.


In addition to our regular ceramic workshops we discover different materials and meet different artists along the way...


language art studio along with our art teacher rachael, we will use music, games, books and art to learn new English vocabulary and discover how fun learning and practicing a new language can be. Language comes alive when we use different types of creativity!


art&mindfulness studio id one of our main creative activities that we offer for toddlers, kids and grown-ups


creative mess_play with paint with art-therapist Carina Hausknecht. we cover the room with paper, where children experience different tools and play with self-cooked paint as free as they want.


in commonroom as we are, families are one of the major community partners. that´s why we are so happy to offer mindful parenting sessions. we tested it alrady and it works:)


we changed, reorganize commonroom for many activities. this time for babies. join us on thursday mornings at montessori play dates. they will enjoy it a lot and you will discover together with them many new thing. art&sensory play for toddlers is also very special envoirment for them to discover various senses and feelings.



dance is in our blood! it´s not only adventures in ballet classes but also adults also enjoy it by dancercise.


we are getting ready to go outside of the commonroom and started to visit museums together to learn in space:) what´s on the painting?


we are so gratefull that seda has brought an amazing scince&space project in to´s everytime we are learning more and more about our universe:)


robots are now our one of "die hard" activities in commonroom. we love wunderwuzzi and now up-cycling robots are rocking our atelier.  3D pen together with 3D design and architectural thinking also going to take place in our wide range of activities.


so proud to say that we are licensed music together center in vienna, now:)


we will discover once a month a sunday modern music at matinee: music around the world as an family activity and enjoy it together.


wake up call in to new you! is such a powerful call that we are looking forward to take part.


birthday parties for children and adults. Celebrate this beautiful day with your loved ones in a creative way around clay. Together with you we choose a theme and discover the wonderful world of ceramics but be careful it can be hard to go back to reality afterwards =)


belly bowls for mother-to-be’s, hand&food prints for your little ones. Time flies...Clay memories turn into lifelong treasures.  


space for your ideas. We are here to hear your ideas! You can rent our rooms for your projects; exhibitions, crafty theme workshops, birthday parties, team building activities, etc.


ceramics and design in daily life we decorate your space tailored to your needs and create ceramic design pieces such as tableware, decorative objects, lamps etc.


ceramic design solutions for your brand and workspace. We create unique pieces for your brand to stand out and add value to your image and communication.


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odaada - Verein für Kunst, Design und Kreativität 
Erste Bank IBAN: AT08 2011 1825 1740 9200 | GIBAATWWXXX



commonroom Kids Pass

commonroom is happy to announce Kids' Pass, which works for all kids activities at the studio. It's a great opportunity for your children to discover new mediums, participate in different classes and just have fun! So join us for amazing events and don't forget to get your kids' pass!


upcycling robot workshop is a challenge for kids with full of fun and proud. they will build their own robots with remote control by up cycling materials!

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 *commonroom is the practical platform of odaada that focuses on ceramics.



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Account details:

odaada - Verein für Kunst, Design und Kreativität 
Erste Bank IBAN: AT08 2011 1825 1740 9200 | GIBAATWWXXX