with sarah paul

occupational therapist & yoga and mindfulness teacher

to be announced soon

groups will be opened with 6 children only

Our aim with this course is to support children in an appreciative and helpful manner to cope with problems or challenges on their own. We want to share with children a background knowledge, tools and strategies, which can have positive effects on their family circle, friendships and their childhood development. We aim to encourage children to find their peaceful individual world and to promote their own skills of creating self-sustaining environments. Focusing on social competences methodologically we benefit from occupational therapy, mindfulness and yoga. These positive fields are very valuable in order to develop a sustainable mindset. 


This course has 6 interactive modules including relaxing (fantasy journeys, relaxation exercises, visualizations), body perception, breathing, beliefs, affirmations, dealing with fear/fury, appreciation, emotional perception, self-perception, self-confidence, concentration exercises, setting goals, achieving goals, being in the moment etc.




Each group will have 6 children. We will meet with ergo therapist and yoga-mindfulness teacher Sarah. It will be an interactive class evolving with the responses of children to maximize the most individual benefit. 


each session for 50 min

classes will be operated when we have 6 children and the common schedule will be decided together.

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