June 18th, Monday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

natural cosmetic workshop series #1: Sun Protection

Come and learn how to use nature’s power for your own personal natural cosmetics! 

Together with natural cosmetics specialist Alina Bittner we will be 
creating our personal sun protection!

According to Alina, nature actually provides everything we need!

This workshop shows you several ways how to use and combine what we can find in nature and utilize it for caring for our bodies. You learn how to make your own natural cosmetic products and you get an overview about some specific herbs and ingredients.

This session focuses on sun protection which is necessary for keeping our skin healthy and nourished. You’ll learn about different oils which help you protect your skin from UVA light and in addition you’ll make your own sun block according to the needs of your skin as well as sun oil. 

We’ll talk about several herbs that are good for your skin after exposing it to direct sunlight, we’ll learn which essential oils help you reduce uncomfortable body smell and we’ll produce our own refreshment or mosquito spray which helps us cool down our bodies and protect us from annoying mosquito bites.

We all know it’s important to take care of our skin after sun bathing, so we’ll make an After-Sun-Spray with lime blossoms as our last product.

The products you can take home are:

• Sun block according to your personal skin needs
• After-Sun-Spray with lime blossoms
• Sun oil
• Mosquito Spray/Refreshment Spray
• Recipes 

Duration: 2 hours
Workshop fee: 35€/person - inc. all the materials


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