Dear friends,


2019 has been an adventures one!

We have welcomed many newborns 🙂 met new people, host new workshops, tried new strategies, created our very first socially funded project “happy laces”, became one of the official centers of Music Together...


And, as always, it has been such a pleasure to share the journey of commonroom with you all.


We would like to use this chance to thank everyone who contributed with their knowhow, time, expertise, good heart... We feel lucky that our paths have crossed!
It is this sincere relation that keep us dreaming...


So here our 2020 resolutions:

⁃ Feet on the ground, head in the clouds!
⁃ Tempus fugit (Time flies so use wisely)
⁃ Less is more!
⁃ Keep your community growing
⁃ Do your best and let the rest 🙂
⁃ Raise more funds for more social projects
⁃ Give more volunteering opportunities to those who want to contribute


We hope 2020 give us loads of reasons tο celebrate together!

We wish you merry Christmas and a joy-filled happy New Year!




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 *commonroom is the practical platform of odaada that focuses on ceramics.



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