dear friends of commonroom,


when we first started our journey at commonroom, the main idea was sharing our space and meeting with people to enjoy the beauty of creativity. we didn´t dream about how it can be evolved. It just grew in it´s own way, naturally and every day with more and more friends.


we have managed such a nice work without any financial support but with lots of cooperation and volunteer work and love and peace. we are so happy to have such a beautiful community that we appreciate every single day! we became such a big family; some of you shared that commonroom feels like "home” in vienna. It was so good to have all those hugs and appreciation from you along with your kind words. the children who don´t want to leave commonroom made us feel even happier and special...


unfortunately, after the big hit from corona, things became much harder for us, too. financially we are facing a big challenge. since commonroom is a non-profit organization, we couldn´t get any financial support from the government or any other institution. the fix costs have accumulated. since we make all of the administration work voluntarily, we couldn’t get any personal support to transfer into commonroom.


we decided to organize a crowdfunding campaign to ask for your support. It´s a moment for us to feel the empowerment of our beautiful community. we want to heal our financial situation and we want to be stronger for a sustainable future. please visit our campaign page. we have created very nice gifts. some of them are created and prepared by very talented artists, cooperating with commonroom. there are also opportunities to book our beautiful studio to organize your activities in commonroom.
Besides, we would also appreciate your donations...

and please share it as much as you can.



thank you very much for your support in advance,
love and peace,



thank you very much to all of commonroom friends who have supported us for the video and the crowdfunding campaign. dear yilmaz, thank you very much for filming and making with this amazing video. you made it possible and you made it peacefully and very easy for us.


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 *commonroom is the practical platform of odaada that focuses on ceramics.



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