dear friends,
we made it. our crowdfunding campaign has finished successfully. we are so happy. now it gives us such an empowerment, strength. It recovered our engagement. we feel more free to work on new ideas. we are not afraid anymore and most importantly we feel love and peace shining back to us more and more! come and join us to create together, with your ideas, with your energy, with your family, friends and community. now with a beautiful community in our heart let´s start new!
thank you very much to all our friends for any support they made!
#begumsahin you are always with us and supporting us with lots of care and brain work. #katyatzberger you made an amazing support with #tomaszklusek, #masterofevents and our very talented photographer #romanamaalouf and with #EDA community. #verenamochar, my dear shining friend beautiful voice of music together and music tours in vienna. #ivanavujosevic with her sincere support. #viennafamilynetwork with their amazing support for making our campaign to have a voice in our big family. #wunderwuzzi #erkinbayirli, #esraköymen for designing so beautiful graphics, #juliannelyzunski #ellenlevenhagen for beautiful ceramic sets, #serendipitymakramee #juliaroque for beautiful macrame wall hangers and for all the volunteer work she did, #dileksüzal for her beautiful and constructive energy and to my family and elisabeth mattfeld who supported from the beginning on with all their time, energy and love!

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 *commonroom is the practical platform of odaada that focuses on ceramics.



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